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Face, Lips, Nose, Eyelids, Auricle and Scalp Flap Course

Course                           Head - Face, Lips, Nose, Eyelids, Auricle and Scalp

Dates                              Thursday 16th - Friday 17th April 2015


                                        2 delegates per cadaver

                                        Fresh-frozen cadaver

                                        All instrumentation and disposables

 Registration Fee         899 Resident

                                        999 Attending

                                        Fees in GBP (£)

Venue                            Clinical Skills Centre
                                       City Hospital
                                       Hucknall Road
                                       NG5 1PB
                                       United Kingdom

Participants                  Strictly limited number

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Aim and Content of the Course

     The aim of this course is to provide high quality training for face, lips, nose, eyelids, auricle and scalp soft tissue reconstruction after skin cancer surgery.

•  Personal step by step raising of the most important facial and scalp flaps for reconstruction in cadavers. 
•  Indications and examples for surgical applications are demonstrated. 
•  The advantages and disadvantages of various free flaps are discussed. 

     Reconstructive surgery and the use of flaps shall remain an area of expertise to surgeons who have an appreciation of the vascular anatomic basis of flaps coupled with the technical expertise of performing these complex flap-raising procedures. This course has been designed to address the needs of those in reconstructive surgery wishing to learn flap dissection of the head. The focus of this course lies with practical exercise. The aim is to encourage beginners to start with flap procedures as an additional option in the care of their patients. Advanced surgeons can enlarge their technical scope. The flap dissection course is a unique opportunity for established and budding reconstructive surgeons to learn the latest techniques in reconstructive surgery.
     This intensive two day program will allow participants to perform supervised cadaveric dissections and to practice demonstrated flap-raising techniques. Participant numbers are limited so that each participant will have maximum hands-on experience in raising the comprehensive variety of flaps demonstrated. This will allow discussion of commonly used flaps which will also be of benefit to those approaching exit examinations.

Day 1

Welcome from the Institute of Surgery and Innovation

  • Lip and chin: Abbe flap, Estlander flap, Karapandzic flap, Staggered ellipse, V-Y advancement flap, Wedge Closure
  • Neck: Submental flap
  • Cheek: Advancement flap, Hatchet flap, McGregor flap, Temporo-parietal fascia flap, V-Y advancement flap 
  • Nose: Bilobed flap, Glabellar flap, Hatchet flap, Nasolabial flap
  • ± Superficial Parotidectomy

Day 2

  • Ear: Transposition flap, Anita-Buch helical advancement flap, Posterior auricular flap, Split earlobe repair, Earlobe reduction, Trapdoor flap
  • Eyelid: Hughes flap, Local Advancement, McGregor Flap, Tripier flap
  • Forehead and temple: Rhomboid flap, Square Peg in Round Hole, Forehead flap & Composite Graft
  • Scalp: Transposition flap, Rotation flap, and multiple rhomboids (single, double, triple and quadruple)

Faculty             Mr S Al-Benna, Mr P Lim


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Transport       Nottingham is easily accessible by train and plane (East Midlands Airport).

Registration fee includes     tea/coffee and training materials.

Certification   Upon successful completion of all requirements, as decided by the faculty, students receive the Certificate of Attendance.

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Tel 0871 288 5135

0871 numbers cost up to 10p per minute to call from most landlines and the cost to call a 0871 number from a mobile will be higher.