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2nd International Conference on

Repair, Regeneration and Reconstruction

    Translational repair, regeneration and reconstruction holds great promise for the future of medicine, offering a world of possibilities. It is already creating a new frontier in healthcare delivery and international research priorities. With its ever-growing role in healthcare, especially in reconstructive surgery, it will soon lead to more personalised treatment. It has the potential to create a huge shift in the way we see the aging population, impacting both medicine and surgery. It is the future of medicine.

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     The Institute of Surgery and Innovation proudly announces the 1st International Conference on Repair, Regeneration and Reconstruction to be held at The Royal Institution, Mayfair, London (UK) in September 2014.

     This meeting will provide an opportunity for groups from around the world to present research and innovation in key fields of reconstructive and regenerative science and medicine. A core aim of the conference is to stimulate cross-fertilisation of ideas and processes that may further our understanding and provide realistic translation into treatments and reconstructive techniques. The meeting will provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas.

     The Institute of Surgery and Innovation is seeking keynote speakers, chairs, presenters and delegates to contribute to this international conference. The unique interactive and stimulating format will allow dissemination of “hot off the bench” research developments and ideas and develop strong, effective and lasting relationships between health care professionals, researchers, funding bodies, commerce and industry.

Our vision

To facilitate communication of new ideas and processes in tissue and wound repair, regeneration and reconstruction.

Our mission

  • To act as a bridge between science and surgery and enable translation from laboratory science into real therapies and treatments.
  • To offer an exciting opportunity for researchers, surgeons, physicians and nurses to discuss their latest work and future challenges in a uniquely interactive, stimulating and lively format for basic science and translational research.
  • To stimulate discussion and generation of new ideas among related clinical and research groups into real treatments and clinical applications to patients around the world.



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